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Finland is building a wall on the border with Russia

The three kilometer pilot project in Imatra is expected to be completed by the end of June

Finland has begun the construction of a three kilometers long wall on the Russian border in the town of Imatra, as a pilot project for expansion to more than 200 kilometers in the future. In addition to the wall, fences and motion sensors will be installed.

The construction of the wall is a preventive measure to avoid the entrance of refugees as pressure tools on the Finnish border, something that has already happened in other European countries. The Finland-Russia border stretches for 1,340 kilometers and is the longest NATO border with the Putin’s country since Finland joined the alliance due to Russian threats.

Otherwise, the dividers will be located in the area considered to be of greatest risk, such as the border crossings and their surroundings. Furthermore, the whole project completed has estimated costs of hundreds of millions of euros and is expected to last between three and four years.

As a matter of fact, the head of the International Affairs Unit, Matti Pitkäniitty, defends the construction of the wall. He believes that the strategy is a necessary measure in the subject of the increasing “instrumentalization of migration”. Additionally, as part of the same plan, Finland has completely closed its borders to Russian tourists, claiming that their arrival may cause “serious damage to Finland’s international position.”


The announcement of the construction of the wall on the border with Russia has generated controversy in Finland and internationally. Some critics argue that the construction of the wall is an act of hostility towards Russia, which could damage diplomatic relations between the two countriesThe wall’s ability to stop the movement of migrants and refugees has been challenged as they may opt for alternate ways to enter the country.

For its part, the Finnish government has defended the construction of the wall as a necessary measure to protect its security and territorial sovereignty. The Minister of internal affairs, Maria Ohisalo, has assured that the objective of the wall is not to close the border with Russia. Nevertheless, the fair pretends getting better control migratory flows and prevent the entry of possible terrorists and criminals. In addition, she has stated that Finland will remain committed to dialogue and cooperation with Russia in other fields, such as trade, culture and education.

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